10th Reunion Theme Voting


The people of ’01 have spoken and we’ve narrowed down the themes for our 10th reunion to the Final Four.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a response — they were creative, witty and all-around fun, reflective of a Princeton education at its best…or at least an intense love of costume parties and tiger-related puns.

In an attempt to make the process as democratic as possible, we are calling all Princeton ’01ers to vote for their top 2 choices from the selections provided below.  We’ve included the overarching theme idea, a teaser for the class “tagline”, a brief description of related costume, P-rade and entertainment tie-ins and any artwork samples (where submitted).  For those submissions that were duplicates, we tried to combine the best of the ideas into one. Please note these ideas are only examples of the potential taglines and tie-ins for the themes and are subject to change and/or be modified at the discretion of the Reunions committee.

And finally, while not required as part of the voting process, we ask that you continue to keep the creative juices flowing and submit any additional ideas related to your theme(s) of choice that may help us craft the logo, tagline or any of the many assorted beverage, entertainment, costume, charity or P-rade tie-ins.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the selection of themes, please contact Laura Drumm at [email protected].

So check out the Final Four themes, then click here or scroll all the way down to the bottom to vote:


TAGLINE: Going Back…To The Future

EXPLANATION: Back To the Future was such an influential film in all of our youths. This theme would honor our ’80s childhood and provide a fun backdrop for costumes and props.

SUGGESTED COSTUMES: Neon t-shirts with our theme, Marty McFly-style button downs in Princeton colors, neon or Princeton-themed suspenders, orange 80s-style glasses with the lines going across the lenses, orange and black jelly bracelets, high tops (likely cost prohibitive) or other 80s style gear.

SUGGESTED TIE-INS: There should be 80s cover bands at the tents and there are places that will rent working Deloreans to drive in the P-rade as our float. Community service could focus on the Future part of our theme and focus on helping local children. We could have the best 80s classic childhood entertainment for kids — a ball pit!


TAGLINE: ‘(0)1st & 10: Goin’ Back Again!

EXPLANATION: This is pretty obvious; it’s a football theme: a play on 1st down, 10 yards to go.

SUGGESTED COSTUMES: Black and orange mesh shirts/shorts, all numbered “01”; name “Princeton” (for example, black for guys, orange for girls, or something like that).  And at least a mini-sized football with the tagline on it for everyone. Black & orange inflatable helmets.

SUGGESTED TIE-INS: Bands–nothing in particular, but jock rock covers? There could be football-themed names for the different parts of the tent area (endzone, locker room, etc.)  Food: tailgate food–burgers, dogs, beer, chili, ribs, chips, beer, BBQ chicken, beer, etc. P-Rade: a marching band with fight songs is an obvious touch. Activities: maybe a class flag football game? Or challenge another class?  For community service, perhaps fixing up an old field, or something that benefits an inner city sports team.

SUGGESTED LOGO: A football sailing through the uprights with the tagline arching over it, or even on the football.


TAGLINE: Winter ’01-derland… Dashing through the Snow, ’01 is Back (or Going Back) in May

EXPLANATION: The theme would pay homage to our status as the last class to run the Nude Olympics but do so in a more subtle way by focusing on the Winter aspect and less on the nudity.

SUGGESTED COSTUMES: Costumes would need to be lightweight but could do a T-shirt with a black & orange striped scarf sewn on or separate. We would also have hats and the long orange and black striped socks.

SUGGESTED TIE-INS: We would decorate the tent with a snow/ice themed decorations, and could serve ice beer and winter themed cocktails. We could have a sleigh or snowmobile for a float in the P-rade.

Retro Video Games

TAGLINE: Prince-ten-Do: ’01 Powers Up

EXPLANATION: Video games were popular when we were growing up in the 80s, and many of us have fond childhood memories of them. Retro gaming and the games that were around when we were kids also seem to be undergoing a resurgence in popularity these days. The proposed theme would be based on games from the 80s (i.e. old Nintendo games such as Super Mario Brothers) and would relate to both our common past and trends of today.

SUGGESTED COSTUMES: Overalls, hats and fake mustaches (to look like Mario), princess outfits or costumes of characters from other video games from the 80s.

SUGGESTED TIE-INS: Floats could also be based on video game characters or levels, and music during the P-rade could also be taken from popular games.  A possible community service activity would be to donate and set up computers or similar technology at a school or other organization that could use them. Kids love video games, so games could be set up for them to play as an activity.

Voting Has Ended

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  1. How about:

    “We’re # ’01, so why try harder?”

    Theme is we’re the best class that ever came out of Princeton. All measurables should not be quantifiable; only qualitative and subjective.

    See Google Images Search for “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.”

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