Reunions FAQ

How do I register?

Class of 2001: See the Registration page for instructions on how to register and to start the registration process.  Visit the Registration FAQ for more details about registration procedure, policies, changes to registration, etc. Online registration ends April 16.

Satellite classes (’99 – ’04):  No pre-registration is needed. Just come to the registration table during normal registration hours. Class members, spouses/partners and children are free. There is a $50 charge for all other guests. Primary contact for questions is the Reunions Chair or other class officer of the satellite class. See the Satellites page for more information.

What are my housing options?

The Class receives a limited number of beds on campus, and has arranged for blocks of rooms at several off-campus locations as well.  Please see the Travel and Housing page.  If you can’t find an answer to your question there, contact the Housing Chair at [email protected].

What if I can’t afford to come to Reunions?

The Class wants as many classmates as possible to return to campus for reunions. Classmates are contributing to a class financial assistance fund. If you are in need of assistance in order to attend reunions, please contact [email protected] by March 15, preferably sooner. If you have already submitted a request, there is no need to resubmit it. The registration team will contact you if additional information is needed. If you would like to donate to the fund, please do so during registration or go back into the registration system ( and make a donation.

Guidelines for assistance:
1) Only requests received by March 15, 2011 will be considered (unless there are exceptional circumstances). All requests will be considered after March 15 (it is not first-come, first-served). Notification of assistance decisions will occur by March 25, 2011.
2) All requests for support will be held in confidence and only be seen and considered by the registration team.
3) In your request, please specify the reasons for your request and how much support is needed.
4) Support will only be provided for registration and housing, not travel or other expenses.
5) There is no guarantee the class will be able to assist all classmates who apply or that all fees will be covered. There is a limited pool of funding. Financial support for classmates’ attendance will be the top priority, before supporting spouses or children.

What food options are available?

The  Class will be offering meals from Friday lunch through Sunday  breakfast. All registered Class members, guests and children are  welcome at all meals.  Details will be available on the meals page. We will do our best to accommodate a variety of food needs (vegetarian, kosher, etc).

What are the costumes?

The Costume Committee is still hammering out the specifics, but key pieces are likely to be “old school” jerseys and t-shirts (fitted ones available for the ladies and the overly proud men). The Costume Committee will make sure everyone is well outfitted, so expect a gym bag with pom poms, foam finger, eye black and other goodies. (Exact costume elements are not yet decided and may vary slightly from those listed.) The main difference between the mens and women’s clothing items will be fit (boxy vs. fitted, length – see description in registration system), so please choose whichever fit will work best for you. We do not have maternity sizes available, but have larger female sizes that should hopefully accommodate pregnant classmates.

What does the class have for entertainment?

Entertainment is under evaluation now.  This web site will contain updated information about entertainment as it becomes available.

What if I have questions or special needs for meals/costumes/housing?

The registration form has a text boxes for any questions or concerns you may have. Or you can email the Registration Chairs or the appropriate Reunions Committee member and they will be able to get you any information you may need.

We are not given room locations or configurations for on-campus housing until April 2011 at the earliest. If you have special needs for housing, then please contact the Housing Chair in advance of registering.

What options are there for children?

Children (aged 2-20) should be registered, each with a separate ticket, during the online registration process.  Registration gives access to the tents, meals, and costume. Children 0-2 should also be registered, but there is no cost since they will not be receiving meals, costumes, etc.

We will have some activities on-site for children. See our Parent’s page for further details.

Separately, the YWCA runs a Tiger Camp program for children during Reunions weekend.  Tiger Camp is a two‐night program designed to offer your child a safe, fun and caring environment while you are able to enjoy your reunion! This requires additional registration and fees.

What is the class community service project?

Score one (or 2,001) for your community! Make a pledge to complete community service hours before reunions and help the class reach the goal line! See the community service area of the web site for more information.

When/where is P-Rade?

P-Rade  starts at 2 PM on Saturday. The route is still being finalized, so  check back for our class meeting place closer to Reunions.

How do I find general Reunions information?

Visit the official University Reunions web site for information on things like parking, campus shuttles, P-Rade route  and events schedule. We will also update this Class of 2001 Reunions web site  with information and events relevant for our Class, so check back often!

How will I get information about schedule/meals/meeting times during Reunions?

Throughout Reunions, you can quickly access helpful information—from breaking news to scheduled events, from transportation schedules to P-rade staging sites—on your web-enabled phone. Just navigate to on your smartphone or other handheld device. There will also be information posted near our registration table.