Class Officer Elections


Class officer elections voting has ended.


PAT MALONE for President

Sadly, I think this will be this last year that anyone even considers calling us “young alumni.” As the grey starts to show up in our hair, and there are more of us with children than without, we are undoubtedly entering a new phase of our alumni careers. But this is not an entirely miserable occurrence. Our accomplishments as a class so far have been remarkable, and the intellectual, artistic, and social resources that we have developed as a class are amazing. Over the next five years, I would like to see us share more of these accomplishments with each other through increased networking and projects that let Princeton, and the rest of the nation, know that the Class of 2001 is truly something special. As we transition to become leaders in the alumni community, I know our class can be the model for service and and spirit to which the rest of the university turns. I sincerely hope that you give me the opportunity to serve our class as president. [back to top »]



JOHN DABIRI for Vice President

I’m applying for Class Vice President on the off chance that it helps my daughter get into Princeton in 17 years. That, and the fact that I really enjoyed my time at Princeton and would like to help steer us toward our 15th reunion. I have been on the west coast since graduation, as a grad student and now a professor at Caltech. My experience being so far from Princeton has made me appreciate opportunities to reconnect with classmates, and as VP I would encourage more frequent and diverse opportunities for us to get together locally. Win or lose, one day I see myself completing that Mount Rushmore of vice presidential candidates that includes Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, and Vice Admiral James Stockdale. Yes we can. Drill baby drill. [back to top »]





JEFF BERND for Treasurer

Having been the Class Treasurer for the last 5 years, I have enjoyed the opportunity to support the Class of 2001 and ensure its financial solvency despite huge losses on mortgage-backed security investments (just kidding–we can’t invest in anything risky). At the suggestion of some of you, we introduced the option of using PayPal to make payments which has the added benefit of providing a higher interest rate on some of our savings versus the savings account we typically use. We also introduced the opportunity to pre-pay class dues for five years that proved popular with many of you, hopefully eliminating some of the confusion over ‘did-I-pay-this-year-or-not’ and providing the class with visibility into part of our funding for future years. I am always open to new ideas on streamlining dues solicitations and making class finances even more available for activities such as local mini-reunions. If re-elected, I would enjoy the opportunity to continue serving the class for the next 5 years.

Jeff lives with his wife Maggie and two daughters, Addilyn and Barrett, in Thousand Oaks, CA. He works in finance for Amgen, a biotech company. [back to top »]



JEN ADAMS for Secretary

Consider this the official tossing of the hat into the ring. I’ve been kicking around New York City for the past eight years or so, marketing, writing, and generally racking up stories for grandkids. After spending three years as class secretary in my past life as a Princeton student, and having served as Communications Chair of the Tenth Reunion, I think I’ve finally got the hang of this exchanging information thing. To date, I barely stole from the class as an undergrad, I’ve kept your inboxes relatively unclogged, I haven’t used any of the major swear words, and not one of you has been rebuked by your IT/compliance departments. Also, remember those black and white Class of 2001 Senior Week ringer t-shirts? My idea, and a timeless classic that many of you are probably still wearing to bed on your “not tonight” nights. [back to top »]