Road to Reunions – Event Recap

Jerry Chan Reunions

The Class of 2001 came out in force for Cinco de Mayo 2011. Old friends got a chance to meet up even before Reunions kicks off at happy hours all across the country.


25 Tigers met up at for drinks and reminiscing at Brinkley’s in the Big Apple. Thanks to Max Anderson, Ari Schottenstein and a crew of other local hosts for bringing New Yorkers together before hopping the Dinky back to NJ for our 10th.



01-ers huddled 20-strong at Boston’s Battery Park to get Reunions celebrations started early. Fun, drinks and memory lane has Beantown Tigers ready to run back for the 10th! Thanks to John Walsh and Dana Satir for hosting!  Check out the pics below:



14 met up at the Mission Grill in Philadelphia. There were doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers. Even with all these professional accomplishments, most impressive is that they can still party like undergrads! Thanks to Kit Cutler, Rob Holmes, Trig Garibian for hosting hosting in the city of tigerly love.


Los Angeles

16 Tiger-Angelinos turned out at the Wellesbourne in LA excited to get Reunions off to a great start. Having beers and cocktails in a setting reminiscent of Prospect Street has everyone pumped to return to Old Nassau. Thanks to Eve Weston for hosting a great mini Reunion!