'01st and 10 - Goin' Back Again

Tenth Reunion Early Bird registration opens Nov. 23

Jen Adams Reunions

'01st and 10 - Goin' Back AgainEarly Bird registration for our 10th Reunion! Early Bird registration gives you access to reduced registration pricing, and gets you in line in the request for your housing preference (either on-campus, Seminary, or at the Choir College).  As Aesop said, the early bird gets the bunk bed, so when we say go…..GO.

Early Bird registration will open tomorrow tonight, Tuesday November 23rd, at 8 PM EST, and will last through January 15th, when regular registration begins and fees go up (we know the class letter said it would start Wednesday, but let’s just get this show on the road early). To officially start the process, go to the reunions registration page (www.tigers01.org/reunions/registration) at 8 PM tomorrow, and a link will magically appear so you can get ready to do some question answerin’.

To login in to the registration system, use the user name and password you provided when registering for the 5th Reunion. This is a different login than the class website. If you have forgotten what username and password you used for the 5th or did not attend and need to create a new registration account, please use the links on the right part of the registration screen, or contact [email protected].