'01st and 10 - Goin' Back Again

10th Reunions Theme Revealed!

Jen Adams Reunions

We took votes, budgets, costume options, and a lock of Fred Hargadon’s hair, ran it all through our top secret 2001 algorithm,  and then plotted the points on a celestial map. And lo and behold, it looked exactly like the attached logo. FOOTBALL!!!!!

The Costume Committee is still hammering out the specifics, but key pieces are likely to be”old school” jersey shirts (fitted ones available for the ladies). Everyone will be encouraged to add their own pieces of flair and interpretations (pom-poms and tube socks will be provided), and of course it’s BYOCO*

In honor of another popular theme choice–the 1980s–we’ll be looking for an 80s cover band for one of the nights, so your premature  florescent unitard purchase won’t be in vain. We’ll let you know the full revelry schedule once we’ve fleshed it out, so stay tuned for an email announcing early registration sometime in mid-November.

* Bring Your Own Chad Ochocinco

'01st and 10 - Goin' Back Again