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June Class Notes

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The ’01 stork has officially landed…

NEIL and CHRISTINA SHENVI welcomed son Adrian on his due date March 16, 2009. Christina writes: “He is such a joy! He’s full of energy, curiosity, and happiness. I have been staying home with him this year, but will be starting a residency in emergency medicine in June after graduating from Yale Medical School. Meanwhile, Neil is finishing u

p his postdoc in chemistry at Yale.”

Paulina Neimark Geffen was born to MARIA NEIMARK GEFFEN and Ben Geffen ’00 June 14, 2009, in NYC. She gets along famously with big brother Andre, who turned 3 in January. Soon after, AMANDA ARNOLD PRATT and husband Jon Pratt (Harvard ’93) welcomed Annabelle Burr Pratt June 18, 2009. Annabelle joins big sister Emilie.

Congratulations to all our adoring ’01 parents!