VANESSA (KLIVECKA) MCKINLEY and Taylor McKinley (Williams ’00)

July Class Notes

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Happy belated first anniversary to VANESSA (KLIVECKA) MCKINLEY and Taylor McKinley (Williams ’00), who were married May 16, 2009, in NYC. The couple resides in SF where Vanessa is a director at the Parthenon Group and Taylor is a product manager at Fortify Software. Tigers in attendance included: bridesmaids ANNE KELSEY, ALLISON BRAYTON, KIM (DASHER) TRIPP, and Maryam (Kamvar) Garrett …

Levitt-Fleischauer Wedding

May Class Notes

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Plans are under way for our upcoming 10th reunion AG campaign! Class agents CONNOR BROWNE and ROB HOLMES are pleased to announce DEVON KEEFE WIBLE and HEATHER MCNAUGHT as our Special Gifts co-chairs, and JEN MECHLOWE KNOWLES as participation co-chair. Recruiting for both teams has begun, and the class is going to need many helping hands to make this effort …

More April Babies and Weddings

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BRIDGET WRIGHT is shown here (left) with her adorable tiger cub, Xavier Isaac Wright-Meeks, who was born Dec. 27, 2008. Little Xavier is being groomed for Princeton early, boasting first-year accomplishments of crawling at 5 1/2 months old and walking at 8! Princeton, here he comes! Congratulations to MARIE BASILE MCDANIEL, who married Alex McDaniel ’00 in Lake Tahoe on …

Cari Almo Wint and her husband, Damien (Harvard ’05)

April Class Notes

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The class sends a second set of congratulations out to DREW JOHNSON and his wife, Katie (Furman ’01), roughly 14 months after our first baby wishes. Daughter Henley Margaret joined the family Oct. 12, 2009, much to the joy of her “big” brother, Wyatt (14 months). Wyatt apparently has gotten over the initial shock of no longer being the center …

Kulansky-Caplan Wedding

December Class Notes

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Congratulations to DAVE KULANSKY and wife, Bess Caplan, who were married Aug. 31, 2008, in Baltimore. The couple live in Columbia, Md., and ran their first half-marathon together just days ago in Las Vegas. To make the event especially memorable, Dave and Bess renewed their vows during a run-through wedding ceremony at mile 3.5! Send us a picture! Here is a shot …