Reunions Costume - Adult Shirt


As we count down the days until we’re back on campus…with that sweet, sweet smell of stale beer, those standard issue sheets on twin bunk beds, some good ‘ol PUDS cookin, and those ever so pesky squirrels, the Costume Committee thought we’d help get the excitement building and offer our classmates a handy packing checklist so that, you too, can add some zip, zeal and oh so much flair to an already peppy costume package. First off, here’s what you will be getting:

Class of ’01 Jersey:

Inspired by a uniform perhaps more familiar to the old guard than to recent graduates. Old-school fit, orange and black, varsity lettering, [email protected]… ‘nuf said. And better yet, we’ve spared you having to wear Brazilian Carnevale headdresses or long-sleeve, zip-up Space Suits. You’re welcome.

Comfy T’s:

Reunions Costume - Child Shirt

Children's T-Shirt

Reunions Costume - Adult Shirt

Adult T-Shirt

Heather gray T’s are all the rage these days, they’re not just for brooding hipsters anymore. And this one you may actually wear again. Yes, out in public…and not just when you’re thowing on your night retainer and headed off to bed, or when you haven’t done laundry for two weeks and its the only thing left in the bottom of your drawer. And who doesn’t love a “free” Princeton T-shirt?? By now, that “Cane Spree ’97” one has got to be getting pretty ratty.

Note: Due to the cut of the T-shirts, sizing may be different than indicated at registration

Duffel Bag:

Yes, it was a harrowing decision between the Duffel and the resurgent Fannie Pack. And while the Fannie Pack wins out for efficiency in toting lipstick, first aid supplies and bottle openers, its no contest when it comes to carrying Coors Light Cans and other P-rade accoutrements. The Duffel’s depth and multi-purposefulness (no, that’s not a real word but then again we graduated 10-years ago) renders it the hands down favorite. Its also useful for packing extra diapers and wet wipes for those of you with really young tots or really disorderly friends.

Foam Fingers:

Endlessly entertaining, glaringly orange and shamelessly self-promoting. I mean, cmon, we already know the Class of ’01 is Numero Uno, do we need 900 obnoxious 32-year olds waving foam fingers in our face to prove the point? Yes! Yes we do.

* Warning, wearing foam fingers for longer than two hours may result in the ubiquitous ailment often found in grandstanding pro-football players post touchdown…the crippling “finger-point- towards-the-heavens” syndrome. But so what, its only an index finger, our thumbs are already broken from years of blackberry abuse.

Coach’s Whistles:

We are handing these out with the sole requirement that you MAKE SOME NOISE PEOPLE!! But please, don’t hold us responsible when one gets accidently swallowed during a moment of unbridled enthusiasm.


And now, some thoughts for what you’re not getting but what you should be sure to bring to make that costume really sing and dance.

COACH’S SHORTS: the shorter, the tighter, the better

KNEE-HIGH SPORTS SOCKS: see “Coach’s shorts”…the higher, the brighter, the better

ORANGE AND BLACK CLAPPERS: banned from basketball games at Jadwin, back with a vengeance for P-rade festivities

POMPONS: nothing like testing out the best of your cheerleading abilities as a completely inflexible, marginally out-of-shape 30-somethin…just no human pyramids, please

MASCOT HEAD: hey, it may be hard to drink a beer but it sure will be funny

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