Exclusive SoftTiles Deal

Jerry Chan 10th Reunion, Reunions

Would you like an orange and black (okay, it doesn’t HAVE to be orange and black) play mat like the one your kids played on at reunions? The mat was donated by www.softtiles.com, and they are happy to offer a 10% discount to members of the Class of 2001. Read more to get the discount code (Tigers01.org login required).

Class of 2001 Decade Club

Jerry Chan 10th Reunion, Reunions

We are proud to present the Princeton Class of 2001 Decade Club, honoring those classmates who have attended Reunions all ten years!   Download a PDF Copy, then head over to the U-Store website to get it framed.  Just kidding about getting it framed, but if you really do, please, please, please send us a pic of it!

Share Your Reunions Photos

Jerry Chan 10th Reunion, Reunions

What an amazing turnout for our 10th Reunion!  Share your photos from this past weekend by adding them to our Facebook Group Album, “10th Reunion Photos.” Please select the “high resolution” upload option, so our class historians can archive them at their highest quality.  We’ll need those extra pixels in a few years when our eyes start deteriorating.  🙂

Road to Reunions – Event Recap

Jerry Chan 10th Reunion, Reunions

The Class of 2001 came out in force for Cinco de Mayo 2011. Old friends got a chance to meet up even before Reunions kicks off at happy hours all across the country. Read on for a re-cap plus pics »

Who’s Coming To Reunions?

Jerry Chan 10th Reunion, Reunions

We’ve just added a page to the Reunions section that lists the classmates who will be attending the 10th.  The page will be updated regularly, so check back often! View the list here: www.tigers01.org/reunions/whos-coming/ You must be logged in to view the page.

Check Out Who’s Volunteering Near You

Jerry Chan 10th Reunion

The Community Service Challenge for our class to pledge 2001 hours of community service before Reunions is in full swing.  Need some help finding an organization to volunteer your time?  Check out where some of our classmates have already volunteered. Don’t forget to pledge YOUR hours so we can make our goal!

Early Bird Reunions Registration Ends

Jerry Chan 10th Reunion

Early bird registration for the 10th Reunion has ended, but no need to be a sad tiger. Online registration continues at the normal price until April 16th. After that, you’ll have to register at the door and pay even more. Then you’ll really be a sad tiger. Consider yourself warned.

'01st and 10 - Goin' Back Again

Tenth Reunion Early Bird registration opens Nov. 23

Jen Adams 10th Reunion

Early Bird registration for our 10th Reunion! Early Bird registration gives you access to reduced registration pricing, and gets you in line in the request for your housing preference (either on-campus, Seminary, or at the Choir College).  As Aesop said, the early bird gets the bunk bed, so when we say go…..GO. Early Bird registration will open tomorrow tonight, Tuesday …

’01st and 10 Community Service Challenge

rstennet 10th Reunion

Take the Reunions Service Challenge and score one for your community! Help our class make a community service touchdown by pledging and completing 2001 volunteer hours between now and Reunions. Visit the Reunions Community Service page to learn more and pledge now!

'01st and 10 - Goin' Back Again

10th Reunions Theme Revealed!

Jen Adams 10th Reunion, Reunions

We took votes, budgets, costume options, and a lock of Fred Hargadon’s hair, ran it all through our top secret 2001 algorithm, and then plotted the points on a celestial map. And lo and behold, it looked exactly like the attached logo…