COVID-19th Reunion Challenge Winners

Jerry Chan Reunions

Thank you to everyone who participated in our (first-ever virtual) 19th Reunion on Zoom!

Congratulations to the winners of the COVID-19th Reunion Challenge–

Grand Prize Winner:

Lauren Cain
(with a whopping 423 points!!!)


Maria Arnold & Eve Weston
(each earning 212 points!!!)
All classmates who won their 19th commemorative pin by earning more than 50 points:

Jen Adams

Jen Baxter

Stephen Berger

Ryan Billings

Jerry Chan

Andrew Clark

Nick de Pagter-Allison

Jon Jessup

Bryan Johnson

Jeegar Kakkad

PJ Kim

David Kulansky

Katie Lyon

Cynthia Malone

Patrick Malone

Mark Pescatore

Morrow Pettigrew

Rachel Schumacher

Noah Trister

Jessica Walter Goski

Joe Wang

Jessica Williams